The 3rd Trade Show for Road Construction
and Highway Development
2 - 6 May 2018
Hall 3, Indonesia Convention Exhibition
BSD City - Indonesia

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Commuting Better | Connecting Faster

Infrastructure Development Acceleration through Policies, Institutions, Financing and Project Preparations

The President of Republic of Indonesia – Mr. Joko Widodo, declared Indonesia’s main objective is to focus on recovering the nationwide economy situation. Several initiatives and policy has been arranged to support the economic growth. With regards to supporting the improvement of national economy, the government of Indonesia is focusing to develop the national infrastructure especially on the transportation sector.

By focusing the national infrastructure especially on new road construction and improvement, every corner in Indonesia will be reachable which leads to better commuting and faster connection among the cities within the country. This initiative will reduce the high expense in transportation and logistics, encouraging the business and public to increase their expenditures on the real sector. Also, opens up a business opportunity and more, the development of other cities & infrastructure project in Indonesia.

  • - Developing integrated public transportation systems
  • - Increasing roads capacity, and allocating highway facilities all over Indonesia
  • - Improving national economic equality by developing hundred projectsof land transportation and infrastructure

  • - Reducing transportation and logistic expenses
  • - Exchange of goods and services in effective and efficient manner
  • - Domestic products will be widely available throughout thecountries and become more competitive.

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